Dear Keepers of the Hungarian Traditional Folk Arts, Hungarian Folk Dancers and Musicians Worldwide,

The Living Source Association of Tradition Keepers and the Hungarian National Civilian Foundation have been committed to putting a vital traditional arts program into place. „Bridges” is the name of our program, which is dedicated to bringing the Keepers of the Hungarian Traditional Folk Arts worldwide together on a platform, where they are offered meeting each other virtually, getting to know each others work and exchanging knowledge and experiences. Beneficial to deepening the connection among all users and visitors of our platform we are planning to organize live activities, events and folk festivals in the future.

Our main target groups are individuals and associations, active performers of the Hungarian Folk Music and Dance from all over the planet, but we certainly welcome craftspeople, cultural specialists and everyone, who is interested in traditional folk arts in general.

The goal is to support the often isolated individuals and groups to create more visibility for their artistry and help to pass on their traditional skills for future generations. Our overall aim is to substantially increase the appreciation of the Hungarian Traditional Folk Arts within the community and beyond.

Please, send us information about your group. We appreciate all kinds of information materials, flyers, brochures, fotos or videos of art works and performances. We are planning to give individual groups the chance to place their foto galleries, all sorts of audio and video materials online. Furthermore in order to help intensifying cooperations, we are encouraging folks musicians to upload their music which can be used by dance groups for the choreographies of their performances. We are also planning to establish an area for documenting and archiving sources and materials on our website.

In accordance with our main goal to provide our visitors with up-to-date information, all members are invited to publish their news in our regularly circulated newsletter.

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you and your groups. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Best regards

Ildikó Erdős

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